Brochure Design of a Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit organizations have different vision than other organizations in the business world. They work to bring change in the society or in others lives and gaining profit is not their corporate aim. On the other hand, organizations other than non-profit organizations work only for their profit. Some of these organizations also contribute to the society but it isn’t their primary objective.

Although, there lays a vast difference in the vision of both the kinds of organizations but still there are thousand ways in which they both act in a similar manner. These similarities exist due to the principles of the business world. No matter what the nature of your business is, your organization will have to combat with the competition in the corporate world. The rules of competition never change for anyone. They remain same for every organization.

Non-profit organizations also need to struggle for creating their identity in the business world. It is imperative for them to showcase their vision beautifully in front of the masses in order to extend it and strengthen it. Non-profit organizations also need to use marketing tools in order to strengthen their position in the market. Brochure is one of the most important tactics to spread awareness among masses and motivate them to add to their cause.

If a brochure design belongs to a non-profit organization then it really doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to care about its quality. In fact, its quality matters the most. People are usually reluctant to read a brochure especially when it belongs to non-profit organization. The brochure design should be attractive, compelling and rich in content in order to grab the attention of the target audience.

The most important thing to mention in the brochure is the vision of your organization. It should be explained in depth in order to let the target audience know about the aims of your organization and how you are trying to contribute to the society. It will be easier for people to believe you and trust you if they understand your mission in depth.

Your brochure design can help you inspire the target audience. Images and captions in your brochure design majorly contribute to this endeavor. Pictures have more worth than words. You can use images to elaborate your services.

When people give their money to a non-profit organization then they want it to be used for the right purpose. They are curious to know that how and where organizations are going to utilize their money. Therefore, you should provide brief details of your financial procedures in your brochure design. This will help people believe that your organization deals transparently. This trust is not only important to gain but essential to maintain as well; thus, exaggeration or fake claims should be avoided.

Provide the list of achievements of your organization in the brochure design. Describe how you have helped people in your society. This will give a realistic effect to your mission. It is mandatory to tell people how they can donate. Provide them various options for contribution and brief them in detail about it in order to avoid ambiguities. Brochure design is an important tool for non-profit organizations; thus, it must be designed professionally and adeptly.

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Brochure Design and its Mandatory Features

Brochures are an integral part of marketing or advertising campaign. They are not just a promotional material; in fact, they also serve to give information about a particular service or business. Brochure design is significantly important in the launching phase of a product or a business as it plays a pivotal role in spreading awareness. Customers buy products only when they have authentic and complete information about them.

Brochures can bring you customers, spread your roots in the industry and enhance your brand image provided they are effective enough. A brochure must be attractive in order to grab the attention of its customers, but do you know what the other mandatory features of a brochure design are? If not, then this article will surely be of great help to you.

The first or front page of your brochure design is of utmost importance. Beside good colors and graphics, the front page of your brochure design should also contain a captivating and competent tagline. It is mandatory because this will provide a glimpse of the brochure to your target audience. For a promotional brochure design, tagline should always comprise of the most important feature of the product. This will generate a curiosity in your customer, and your customer will be encouraged to read your brochure in order to get the required details.

Logo of your organization is also a mandatory feature of the brochure. It makes you look professional. Some brochures contain huge introduction of the organization which is simply useless especially in a promotional brochure. Logo of the organization is important to add because it is a competent replacement for the introduction. With the presence of logo, only three to four lines are enough to describe about the organization including its history and achievements.

It is mandatory to include correct and complete contact address of the organization. A brochure, without contact details, is worthless since it fails to create a link between customers and the organization. Don’t leave it to your customers to find your contact details. No one wants to waste time upon such things. Customers look for products that are easy to avail. Just a little distraction or uneasiness might encourage your customer to ponder over your competitor’s product; therefore, provide your customers with an access to your products or services.

Images help to grab the attention of the target audience but they should always be relevant to the nature of product being promoted. Irrelevant images might help you to attract your customers but they won’t be able to add value to your promotion. All the mandatory features including images, colors, tagline and graphics should be able to magnify the worth of your business; thus, they all must be aligned with the nature of the business or product.

Brochure is a highly valuable tool for accelerating an advertising or marketing campaign. If any of the above mentioned mandatory elements is missing then the brochure design loses its impact. Thus, it must be designed after complete research and knowledge. Only a complete and sound brochure design can help you gather a huge clientele.

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Brochure design and its Budget

Products that fulfil needs of their customers and provide greater value than its competitors are able to gather massive response from their target market. This surely is the core of success but in today’s economic situation, a customer has such enormous choices available that he/she only goes for those quality products that are easily available. Very few customers bother to search for new and better products in the market. It is actually the company that needs to make all efforts to bring its products or services under limelight.

Marketing or advertising help businesses gather this limelight. Stronger your marketing strategy, stronger will be your brand impact and greater will be the trust of your customers. Things are simple when said but practically loads of peculiar things must be considered while launching any campaign or promoting any product. Brochures are one of the strongest tools to promote a particular product in the industry. The basic purpose of brochure is to attract people to buy that particular product therefore it has to be appealing and convincing but everything needs to be done according to budget.

Budget is important because brochure isn’t the only thing that one needs to use for its marketing. There are several other tools that are mandatory to be used for product promotion. One should determine an approximate cost before selecting any brochure design. Do you know some of the important things that can affect the cost of your brochure? If not then read below to get the details.

Quality of Paper
One can find paper in wide range of quality. Price also varies with the quality. One should always select the paper first before beginning with other features of brochure design. Quality and number of total pages are the two elements that need to be considered while estimating the cost of a brochure. Budget is important but this doesn’t mean that you should compromise over quality. No matter how good the images or content your brochure has but if the paper quality is not up to the mark then the whole objective will be lost.

Suppose you are going for a high quality paper but you have to decrease the total number of pages in your brochure to maintain the budget then it is a good approach rather than increasing the number of pages and decreasing paper quality. Content and images can be managed effectively within short number of pages as well.

Number and Types of Colours
Number of colours and their quality also affects the cost of a brochure design. One must keep this important factor in mind. Colours add value to a brochure but if colours used, are of low quality then this will surely ruin all your efforts therefore one must keep the cost and quality of colours in mind during the designing phase.

Some organizations don’t bother to evaluate the cost until the designing process is completed. This isn’t a professional approach because cost should always be evaluated before finalizing any design. One should remain in coordination with his/her printing company from the very beginning so that the designing process can go hand in hand with the printing process and errors can be avoided.

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Brochure Design – What can it do for a Restaurant?

One of the most lucrative industries in the world is the food industry. Even when recession badly hits all kinds of businesses, food industry and restaurants continue to survive. After all, people need something to eat in order to live. This is the reason why this industry doesn’t get affected much by the recession. We all work so we can put food on the table to feed our families. Now, even though restaurants have a good future in terms of making money, but the competition is not so low. As people know that this industry is profitable, a lot of business minded people start their own restaurants.

Now, it’s a common and known fact that an industry that promises to give high profits will always have intense competition. So, restaurant owners can’t just sit and think that they will enjoy big profits every day. They have to work hard to retain their existing customers and continuously attract new customers to come and try their food. Hence, what you need is a solid marketing plan to ensure that your business look alive. When it comes to promoting a restaurant and its food, one of the best marketing tools, that is widely used, is called Brochure.

A top quality brochure design can do wonders for your business. A lot of fast food restaurants highly rely on brochures and pamphlets to announce new products and promotions. They especially use them during special seasons, like famous sports events, Christmas, New Year and so on. What you can do is that you can come up with new deals or offer discount on your existing deals and then create a top quality brochure design to promote your promotions. This way you will be able to send your message to thousands of people at the same time, resulting in way too much exposure for your business.

There are a lot of catalogues that only publish coupons and include promotions. These are sent to people in different areas free of cost. Yes, people don’t buy them, but receive them in mail for free. These companies make money by charging the businesses. So, after you create a quality brochure for your restaurant with attractive deals and discounts, you can contact them and ask them to deliver your brochure along with their catalogues. You can also tell them that which area you would like to target so that your brochure won’t go to areas far away from you.

Now, what will people do after they will receive your brochure? Well, if they have never ever tried your food then they will first look at the brochure design and see how professional it looks. If it lacks in quality then they will think that you won’t offer high quality food. This is why you need to create a top-quality design to ensure that you convert the reader into a customer and make them either drive to your restaurant or pick up the phone to order. Regarding your existing customers, they will be glad to see new deals that will save them money and they will feel compelled to pay a visit.

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Brochure Design That is Partially Promotional

Brochure design is an important tool for marketing. It can either be a corporate brochure or a promotional brochure. Both these types have different purpose and different benefits. Corporate brochure aims at spreading information among the industry mates and apprising them of the benefits that they can earn from one’s services or products. A company doesn’t only need to satisfy the needs of its customers; in fact, other organizations in the industry also hold the similar importance. They play significant role by helping a company to deliver quality product to its customers; therefore, corporate brochure helps in building stronger links with other important organizations in the industry.

On the other hand, promotional brochure design is mainly used for attracting the target customers. A promotional brochure also provides relevant information regarding the product or services of the organization.

Along with these two types of brochure designs, there is one more type that is partially promotional in its nature of benefits. Have you ever heard about this kind of brochure design? If not, then rest of the article will surely prove to be a good addition to your knowledge. A brochure that is partially promotional covers both aims, of spreading information as well as promoting its services or products. We can call it as a partially promotional brochure because it promotes its products in a subtle manner. The captions are not as loud as they are in promotional brochure.

Lets’ discuss it with the help of an example; brochure design of an educational institution is an excellent example of partially promotional brochure. They provide information to their target audience while they also promote their services by elaborating their benefits.

When you look at a brochure of any college or university, it seems like a tool for spreading information among students regarding their services. It surely spreads information but on a deeper level, such brochures are actually trying to promote the services of that particular college or university.

Have you ever tried to analyze the way with which a university explains its degree program? They do it in a manner that can appeal its target audience more than its competitor’s services. The benefits are listed extensively to capture the attention of the students. Moreover, examples of brilliant students, who had been a part of the institute in past, are quoted to convince the target audience for their high quality of education.

All the strategies of promotion are used in a brochure design of an educational institution but as they are done in low percentage and don’t pitch the target audience in a direct manner; therefore, it can’t be considered as a complete promotional brochure.

At the end of the day, the purpose of almost all educational institutions is to earn profit. It is a complete business but their brochures don’t contain content that directly encourages profit and the objective is kept under cover. The captions, used in brochure, encourage quality of education rather than higher number of admissions. This makes the educational brochure a partially promotional brochure.

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Content Writing for Brochure Design

Essence of every marketing material lies in its content. Enticing images and tempting outlook only work to augment the worth of written content. The power to convince your customers for high quality of your products is stored within the content. From smallest marketing tool like a flyer till the most prominent tool like a website, content holds a significant position for all of them.

Writing for professional purpose is entirely different from what you write casually. It is a complete science; in fact, it is an art to capture the attention of your target audience. There are loads of rules and regulations that need to be considered while writing content for corporate use. Understanding the needs and demands of the industry and following its norms is important to make your marketing tool work out for the progress of your business.

Brochure design is a phenomenal tool for advertising and promoting a specific product or business in the industry or among your target customers. It is extremely important for a content writer to understand the purpose of the brochure design. There are mainly two types of brochures; one is promotional brochure and the other is corporate brochure. There is a concrete difference in the language tone used for both types of brochures.

Promotional brochures interact with target customers and corporate brochures deal with industry mates. Now, there are different categories, even in target customers. With every category, the features of brochure design also change; therefore, foremost step of a content writer should be, to study the business domain of an organization. This will help in understanding its target customers and demands of the industry. Content should be aligned with the nature of target audience and purpose of the brochure.

These are not only the images or graphics that are responsible for adding the element of enticement to a brochure design; in fact, content should also be written in and appealing manner. Your target audience doesn’t have time to read large number of boring paragraphs. It is the responsibility of the content writer to turn a boring text into attractive content. This requires addition of good captions or slogans and use of simple language. Saying an important thing in shortest and simplest manner is an art and a content writer must possess this expertise.

Brochure design doesn’t comprise of huge number of pages. Organizations prefer brochures with less number of pages. Optimum content should be written in order to describe an organization’s business nature. Exaggeration brings fakeness and takes away the trust of customers; thus, it should always be avoided.

It is also an important point that all corporate brochures don’t have same requirements. Similarly, all promotional brochures don’t even carry similar objectives. They vary from organization to organization and business to business. Content writer should evaluate the stage, at which an organization stands and what it is aiming at through the brochure? These two important things will add worth to the brochure design and will boost its business.

Sound Content is a paramount feature of a successful brochure design; thus, it must be developed after profound research.

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Banner and Brochure – Two Powerful Marketing Tools

To promote your business, you have got to come up with an effective marketing strategy. If your marketing strategy is weak, then you will waste your money and get nothing in return at all. Thus, when it comes to promoting your website and products online, there are two important tools that can make a difference and help you grow. These two tools are: Banner Design and Brochure Design.

A lot of people think that after the advent of PPC, banners are not effective any longer. Well, it’s a fact that PPC is a strong way of bringing visitors to your website, but that doesn’t mean that banner advertisement has lost its effectiveness.

See, the good thing about banners is that they are colorful and you can have catchy text in your banners to instantly grab the attention of your market. There are a lot of marketing methods that are famous for their effectiveness, but if an amateur will use them without any guidance then he won’t be able to get any benefit from it. This is why we can’t blame a strategy to be miserable. Rather, we should discuss and see if its execution was flawless or not.

To make your banner advertisement successful, you need to first create a professional looking banner design. An effective design is the first thing that you need to get right. If your banner doesn’t look professional, then you shouldn’t expect your market to visit your website. However, remember, designing a banner is one thing and displaying it on the right sites is another thing. Once you have your banner ready, what you need to do is to find portals relevant to your products and services. Displaying your banner is the most powerful way of bringing the most targeted traffic to your website. Thus, proper designing and proper placement are the two important things that can make your banner advertisement successful.

Now, the next thing that we need to talk about is brochure design. It’s a common known fact that brochures are used to promote your business offline. Well, this is 100% correct. However, we can’t deny this fact that brochures can also be used online to represent your business effectively and professionally. See, what a lot of online businesses do is they make their brochures available for download on their websites. This way, those who don’t want to spend much time in front of their monitor, can print it out and read it later. So, this serves as a powerful marketing tool for you.

But, then, just like your banner design, your brochure design must look attractive and effective as well. Otherwise you won’t be able to turn your potential buyers into paying buyers. You can also use it on social media sites and have interested people download your brochure for more information. For example, you can have your friends and fans download the brochure and send it to others.

So, banners and brochures are still some really powerful ways of promoting your business on the internet.

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